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‘A gripping page-turner by a wonderful new writer....Compelling reading’


Hi, I’m Alison Baillie. Thanks for visiting my website and your

interest in my book.


Sewing the Shadows Together is my first book; it’s been in my mind

for more than thirty years since I was teaching English at Portobello

High School in Edinburgh.  There were several high-profile murders

at that time and once the murders were solved I couldn’t stop thinking

about the families. How do you ever  get over something like that?


I love reading crime fiction and also became very interested in cold case reviews, miscarriages of justice and the use of DNA evidence. The story was taking shape in the back of my mind, a murder mystery, showing the effects of murder on ordinary people and finally I had the time to write it. I became completely involved in the book, the settings in Edinburgh, the Western Isles and South Africa and the characters. Sarah and Tom have both been scarred by what happened but whereas Tom is a loner, Sarah is one of the ‘sandwich generation’, caught between the demands of husband, mother and children.

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